Tiny Fists of Fury – A little help please

I’ve gotten the idea into my head that self defense is a life skill, especially for women. I want to have both Eldest and Youngest take up a martial art.

Other than giving them the ability to pummel each other bloody during their usual sisterly tiffs, I can’t see a downside.

They are eight and four respectively and are girly-girls for the most part. I have about as much understanding of martial arts as I do of nuclear fission. In other words this seems a bit of a recipe for disaster if I don’t tread lightly, and may result in another classic “What were you thinking?” conversation with the Wife.

So I’m pitching this to you.

Are they too young? Do they need a higher emotional maturity first?

Which discipline should I consider? Kickboxing? Karate? Something else?

At the end of the day, Daddy isn’t always going to be there (nor Mommy, for that matter – a more formidable adversary in some ways).