on Facebook and Savages

Why do parents need to prettify parenthood?

We all feel the stress, undergo the exhaustion, deal with the same problems. And you still get the mommies that make it out to be all sunshine and roses, and the dads that are full of one-liners to live by. These are the people that are making it out to be something it’s not. Sure, we love our children. Yes, we’ll die for them without a moment’s hesitation. It’s probably the same reason we don’t truly reveal our problems on Facebook or Twitter or whatever other platform there is out there to use as a delivery system for the fake updates on our fake perfect little lives. We share only the good news, and perhaps some of the bad, but not our problems. And here I take exception.

For example, last year during the school holidays my SO was part of a chat group that contained all the mommies for our (then) three-year-old’s class at creche/playschool.

It was school holidays. The text went out from the teacher providing the date that school reopens, coupled with the usual reminders of the wetwipes and stationery and sundry to be provided at the beginning of each term.

The replies, without exception, from the other moms were along the lines of “already? the holidays feel like they’ve just begun”, “I’m going to miss spending time with my baby boy” and “I wish it wouldn’t come to an end”.

I was struck dumb by disbelief. I had met these children, had them over for playdates. These aren’t well mannered little ladies and gentlemen we’re talking about here, but little savages that seek and destroy with gay abandon, incapable of adhering to rules or respecting elders or property.  I like to think that I have raised mine apart from these little horrors, and I believe that Wifey and I have succeeded to an extent. Nonetheless my better half and I are of the same mind, in that this is a tough job and our sanity does not lie in glazing over the whole ordeal with the “my-life-is-perfect” filter, but rather in being able to call a spade a spade and sparing a grim little chuckle at life now and then.

My SO replied to the thread only with “YIPPEEEEEEEEEE”.

Strange that only the teacher seemed to understand.  At least the playdates have stopped.