on Kids, a Wife and Pets: An introduction to us

I have entered a blogger’s challenge (Wife’s idea). Today is Day One and the prompt is “Who am I?”  Now, as the throngs of avid readers of my blog and the jostling horde of my eager subscribers (yes, that’s a shout-out to the five of you – love you guys) may well already know, I am not particularly forthcoming when it comes to divulging certain personal particulars on the web, and I like it that way. So this challenge, well, sucks for me. Anyhoo, a challenge is called a challenge for a reason, so here goes…

Who am I?

Well, I’m thirty something. I’m a dad.

(crickets chirping)



You couldn’t just leave with that? Well, you’re still here so I suppose you want me to say more, don’t you.

Okay. So I blog. Why? I love literature. I’m loathe to think of myself as a blogger, per sè, because blogging seems to be a world of lists and paraphrasing and chasing sponsors and feeding the fathomless pit of content already saturating the web, littered with imperfect tenses and split infinitives. No. I want none of that. I’m not here for a golden handshake, nor will you find me marketing myself beyond what other people might say about me.  I’m a writer. I love writing and it’s an art for which I have always felt a natural fondness. As yet I have not had the opportunity to test the waters in my little pool of unrefined “talent”. I mean, I’m definitely no Shakespeare, Longfellow or Tolkien. But I do know how to string and idiom or two together, such as “a bird in the hand makes it hard to blow your nose”.

So, why not take up the hobby of writing? As mentioned before, I am not hunting for income here. I don’t want people to be lured in by some gimmick or give-away, but rather at their leisure because they want to read my blog, because they identify with the characters and circumstance, and because they know that I am sincere and not about to give them some fluffed up little-house-on-the-prairie soppy story.

In essence I am here writing this right now because I want to add a little enjoyment to the world, and let the writing speak for itself. That’s not to say that if, by lucky chance, some businessman or enterprise decides to throw a bag of money at me I’d say no.

Next, the people I write about.

Well, the term “dad” carries the implication of children. I, not being one to deviate from a norm such as that, have two; Eldest (eight) and Youngest (four). They are named as such because although I may recount their victories and failures all over the internet, I believe that in a matter for which they cannot, by virtue of their age, make an informed decision regarding their privacy, a certain amount of restrain needs be maintained in order to respect that privacy. If you didn’t quite catch that last part it’s fine. Neither did I and I don’t have the dedication to reword my sentiments on the matter.

Eldest is the one on the straight and narrow. She’s eager to help and learn, loves school and has a soft and tender nature. I push her academically, which is nothing to be proud of as I toe the precipice of driving her away from it. I can’t help it. I see in her the potential for greatness and the ability to remain true to what she believes is good and fair.

Youngest on the other hand is a naughty little (censored). I can say this (sort of) because I am her father and I also know that her true strength lies in her stubbornness for what she believes in, her sharing nature (she really shares anything she has freely), her love for nature and all things alive, and her empathy towards the suffering of others. She’s also cute. which doesn’t help.

I also picked up a Wife somewhere along the way. She is named as such because it irks her. I love her and for some bizarre reason she loves me too. She’s a mommy and an entrepreneur, which means that she deals with stress every day and her mind gets about as much rest and serenity as a runaway freight train.

There are our cats too. Kiki, the fat calico with the temperament of a decaying radioactive isotope, who knows things. More on that in another post. Izzy is our loving Siamese cross; small, lithe and playful.

Myself. Well, I am happy to admit that it’s not all sunshine and roses. My blog is about my family, and on the odd occasion I’m selfish enough to prattle on about myself. I love little life hacks and the nuances and the subtleties of raising children. I enjoy fixing things, or, more accurately, breaking them to the point where we need to call someone in to fix them. I enjoy a beer on occasion. I love the sciences, history and my job. No, I’m not telling you what I do for a living, but know that it is the second best Job in the world, behind being a Top Gear presenter. For me it is, at least.

With that I hope that you have been aptly introduced to my blog, and the fertile ground from which I draw my inspiration. Until tomorrow . . .