on Beer, Burgers and Bridges – a Review: The Old Bridge Restaurant & Bar

At a frequency of about once a week (twice, if I tap into my A-game) I manage to irk the Wife to the extent that she orders me from the house to go have a little “me” time. Obviously I’m devastated (ahem) at having to leave my family alone, but hey, what’s a man to do?

So, shattered (cough) and alone, how does a lost soul stave off idleness for a few hours in the wide world?

I go to my local pub, of course.

We recently relocated to a new town, which in turn meant that I had to re-establish a social setting in which to blow off some steam.

Luckily, I struck gold on the first attempt this time. I’m referring to a quaint establishment named The Old Bridge Restaurant &Bar, aptly so because of the aged stone-arch bridge straddling the Lourens River which borders the property.

The Old Bridge Restaurant & Bar Somerset West

To celebrate today being #InternationalBeerDay, as well as a Super Rugby Final, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to share with you the watering hole at which I’ll be partaking of an ice cold frosty (or three) this weekend. Somerset West is a thriving not-so-little community on the outskirts of Cape Town, and if the town is a treasure, The Old Bridge Restaurant & Bar is a diamond at the centre.

First of all, as I mentioned, I’m new to the area. I walk into a pub not knowing anyone, I sit down at the bar, and look up to find a barlady grinning politely in my direction and awaiting my order. I didn’t expect immediate service on that particular night, considering the throng of locals in attendance and overall humdrum, and put it down to luck. Before my drink was asked for I was given an introduction, and thus the friendly service continued throughout my sojourn that evening. Finding the atmosphere agreeable and the beer cold, I decided that this was where I would make my little place in the world when exiled from the comfort of my couch.

That first evening precipitated a return, and many thereafter. The setting is warm and comfortable. “Rounded” is what I’d call it, in reference to the comfort of a place bereft of the sharp angles and sterile bright surfaces you often find in more recently established bars. I’m not overly fond of those. I am fond, though, of the softwood barcounter and earthy furnishings, of the engaging (but not too much so) staff who are always up for a bit of a chinwag. I like the fact that no matter where I sit I have a perfect view of a TV during a sports event  (usually rugby). Even the expansive tree-shaded Beer Garden has a dedicated screen during such events. The atmosphere is fantastic during a game and all are welcome regardless of who you support. And then there’s the range of beer on-tap . . .

The Old Bridge Restaurant & Bar Somerset West

There’s an unwritten rule among patrons and staff to welcome strangers. I usually start off sitting alone, but seldom does the evening end in the same manner. It’s been a long time since I’ve been included in so many conversations with strangers almost unconditionally.

So, for a simple man such as myself all the boxes are checked, but what else does The Old Bridge Restaurant & Bar offer? Well, take a look below:

– Full restaurant service with a  menu packing huge variety as well as specials on Build-a-Burger Mondays, Pack ‘n Pizza Tuesdays, and The Roast on Sundays. I also have on good authority from the Manager that he challenges anyone to find a better burger, anywhere.

– Live Music entertainment.

– A plethora of Beers on Tap (take note gents) including Windhoek (my beer of choice) and Kilkenny (score!) among others. (Craft Beers included and even cider – Hunter’s Dry).

– Beer garden with a small play area for children.

– Online booking system.

– Safe and secure parking.

– Free Wifi (strong)

The Old Bridge Restaurant & Bar Somerset West

Well, I’m off to irritate the wife (check out my post on doing just that if you need any pointers) and I’ll hopefully be seeing you at the Old Bridge Restaurant & Bar in the near future. Adios!

For more information visit www.oldbridge.co.za or connect with them on Facebook