Christmas wishes

Christmas is enough pressure on a parent. You want everything to be perfect, jolly and memorable, with a fair dollop of some upstanding morals. That’s my opinion. The Wife, on the other hand, believes that it’s the time to change our kids from well behaved (ahem) little ambassadors of their upbringing into feral-eyed, excitement-fueled, sleep deprived, vibrating balls of concentrated energy.Read More

the Wife jumped off a cliff

The Wife was cold.

Understandable. This is because it was a clear and crisp winter’s morning. The temperature in single digits.

The Wife was exhausted.

Understandable, but less so. She’d just climbed a hill. Not Kilimanjaro or Everest, which would have been more proportional to the extent of exhaustion, but a hill. Love, if you read this, I’m sorry but it’s true.

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